Brake master cylinder and servo kit for S series TVRs posted by WWW.TVR-PARTS.COM on 26th October 2018

TVR Parts has developed a new brake master and servo for the S series TVRs. The majority of S series TVRs (Feb 1988 to approx Dec 1990) have the steel 4 ported brake master cylinder with remote reservoirs which is virtually unobtainable nowadays. In order to be able to offer an alternative to keep cars on the road TVR Parts has had manufactured an upgraded replacement brake master cylinder TVR S28J 10056C and servo TVR S28J 10056D. This combination of master cylinder and servo directly replaces the steel master cylinder and fits without any modification to the bulkhead being necessary. This brings the brake specification to being virtually identical to that of later S series TVRs like the V8 S and removes the 2 flexible hoses which can be a source of dangerous leaks of brake fluid. This master cylinder and servo will be sold as a kit that will also include the low fluid warning cap.