New Radiators for Griffith, Chimaera and Cerberas posted by WWW.TVR-PARTS.COM on 10th April 2015

For the last few years this part has only be available refurbished with a new core but is now available brand new with no surcharges or delays. Brand new high quality header tanks and cores have been used to create this new product. This radiator has the boss for the fan switch but comes with a blanking plug to allow it to be used in both applications, with and without the fan switch, TVR K0094. The traditional type radiator has a number of benefits and is often more suitable for road use than an all aluminium welded race type radiator as is more forgiving of vibration as well as being noticeably cheaper. These new radiators come fully tested, from a TUV approved supplier and benefit from the 2 year TVR Parts warranty. See TVR K0124 for more information