TPL Price Reductions posted by WWW.TVR-PARTS.COM on 24th March 2015

One of TPLs main aims is to offer Genuine TVR Parts at great prices and will be reviewing all existing prices to ensure this. As part of this review the following OE parts have had their retail prices reduced with immediate effect.

  • TVR S0652 - Exhaust silencer Tamora now £149.95
  • TVR U1529 - Quarter light glass Tuscan now £29.95
  • TVR U1530 - Quarter light glass Tuscan now £29.95
  • TVR E6301 - Timing cover Speed 6 now £175.00
  • TVR K0358 - Coolant header tank Tuscan now £39.95
  • TVR F0879 - Transmission chassis stiffening plate now £49.95
  • TVR F0880 - Engine chassis stiffening plate now £69.95

All prices subject to VAT.

Please contact us with any questions relating to above parts or order directly from this website.