TPL stock levels pass the £1million mark posted by WWW.TVR-PARTS.COM on 24th February 2015

Since TPL was established last November, our team has been working tirelessly to combine the previously existing stocks of TVR, TVS, Racing Green TVR and Clever Trevor under one roof, and in addition to continue expanding the range available by introducing new high quality parts sourced from top flight suppliers worldwide. TPL now holds over £1 million of TVR Genuine Parts, all approved by TVR themselves. At the same time, product lines held online have increased from around 1600 three months ago to some 2200 today, and will continue to be loaded at the rate of approximately 10-20 new products per week until we have all of our current 2500 products directly available through the website. This is the largest and widest stock of TVR parts in the world, and of course the only source of parts approved by TVR themselves.

We are delighted with the response we have had to the establishment of TPL, with sales increasing exponentially since Day 1. We are particularly pleased to see so many TVR Car Club members amongst our customers - several hundred have already registered accounts with us, and we also look forward to supporting the new Dealer Network to be launched shortly by TVR.