Brake pad fitting kit

Part NumberTVR 025J 119AKIT

Product Description

Brake pad fitting kit for the front calipers of the Tasmin range. Consists of 4 pins, 4 "R" clips and anti-squeal material to cut/fit to the brake pad backplate. This may vary slightly from the originals in that the "R" clip hole is not at the end of the pin, it is closer to the head of the pin. These are best suited to the ventilated 390/420 calipers (please check length) but can be used on the 280/350 models, may require trimming to length.

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Price £11.94 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Tasmin 280i-450i Wedge
TVR 025J 119AKIT - Brake pad fitting kit
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