Anti-roll bar drop link upgraded NS

Part NumberTVR C0065 RG

Product Description

Front left-hand side upgraded anti-roll drop link to fit Griffith and Chimaera. We have had new style vertical links manufactured with fully lubricated and sealed balljoint assemblies at each end instead of the old fashioned crimped steel and rubber sockets. These new vertical links are designed to allow the anti-roll bar to operate correctly and remove entirely the "semi-seized" approach of the old type link. These links are similar to the rose jointed type but are far more suitable for road use. These are the type of vertical links as used on many modern cars allowing for the full movement of the suspension, with far greater accuracy and negligible frictional losses. These are the vertical links to fit to your TVR rather than the standard type which are more suitable to a lever arm shock absorber of the 1950's!!! Must be fitted in axle sets and are noticeably easier to fit than the standard component. Come with new nuts for easy fitment. These drop links have now been further upgraded with forged ball pins and steel back plates for increased strength.

Price £25.26 plus VAT

Price £30.31 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

Chimaera, Griffith
TVR C0065 RG - Anti-roll bar drop link upgraded NS
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