Camshaft retaining plate

Part NumberTVR E0245 -008

Product Description

To fit TVR Griffith and TVR Chimaera. Many Rover V8 engines did not have these retaining plates fitted as standard but they are neccessary to correctly locate the camshaft in the V8 engine. All later engines have the facility to fit a retaining plate and all replacement camshafts have the groove to accept the retaining plate. Endfloat on the camshaft should be 0.002"-0.003" and the retaining plate is chosen to give this required endfloat. We stock a number of these plates pre machined to give the correct clearances, please contact for more information.No longer available.

Price Currently not available

Fits the following TVRs:

Chimaera, Griffith
TVR E0245 -008 - Camshaft retaining plate

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