Brake disc

Part NumberTVR J0146

Product Description

Vented front brake disc for Griffith and Chimaera with 500 brakes. Disc is 260mm in diameter and 24mm thick. Fits Griffith and Chimaera with 500 brakes (vented rear disc). This applies to all Chimaera variants built after '97 including 450. For early 400 front disc see part no. TVR J0001. Please note as standard these discs were fitted by the factory with the spacers TVR J0137 between the caliper and hub. These spacers set the caliper inwards the right distance to take the correct TVR J0146 disc. Over time some cars have had incorrect alternative discs fitted where these spacers needed to be removed. Should these spacers be missing then they will need to be purchased to ensure correct OE fitment.

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Fits the following TVRs:

Chimaera, Griffith
TVR J0146 - Brake disc
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