Dashboard LCD display

Part NumberTVR N0157 X

Product Description

To fit early Tuscan. This part has not been available for some time but we have has now resourced it. This LCD screen is a direct replacement for the original TVR part but is a later generation of LCD screen with surface mounted chips. These chips are encapsulated by resin and as such these TVR Tuscan LCD dash screens are better protected against moisture than the original. These LCD screens are also slightly reduced in PCB size to allow them to be fitted more easily. The PCB has circuitry running close to the edge and must NOT be sanded down to fit. Any screens returned under guarantee that have been modified this manner will not be replaced free. These Tuscan LCD screens are currently available but are selling fast !!!! Please note that not all display problems relating to the LCD are caused by faulty LCDs! There are a selection of circuit board problems that will cause the LCD to not function correctly. If on fitting a new replacement LCD screen problems are still experienced it may be that the control circuitry will need testing & repairing which we can do as well. These LCD screens are slightly different to the originals which are no longer available. They exhibit slight differences in the contrast levels to the original screens but this is due to changes in the LED backlight efficiencies due to progress in the world of electronics. The contrast may have to be adjusted for best viewing. The dashboard can be modified to suit the screen better but this is not included in the price of the screen.

Price £136.35 plus VAT

Price £163.62 inc. VAT @ 20.00%

Fits the following TVRs:

TVR N0157 X - Dashboard LCD display
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