Clutch slave cylinder seal kit


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This includes 2 x square section piston seals, 2 x O ring seals and 4 x slave cylinder screws. Renewing the Clutch Slave Cylinder Seals involves removal of the gearbox and prop shaft and due to this involvement it is important to check condition of concentric clutch slave cylinder and release bearing. In most cases if the slave cylinder is leaking a seal kit acts only as a temporary remedy due to scoring generally found on the cylinder bore. A complete kit (TVR Q KITAJPSCYL) can be purchased in order to renew entire assembly and this often ends up being the most economic long-term solution. This kit must be included when converting from early AJP 4.2 ltr V8 to the later 4.5 ltr V8 setup. (see part no. TVR Q0365 for more info) NOTE: Kit includes slave cylinder screws, TVR E2259 and these do not need to be ordered separately.

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TVR Q KITAJPSS - Clutch slave cylinder seal kit
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