Battery charger auto CTEK

Part NumberTVR XS 3600

Product Description

CTEK battery management system for all TVR models. The CTEK MXS 3.8 battery charger is ideal for use in any vehicle with a battery capacity of up to 130 Ah. It can be safely left connected indefinitely to ensure that a battery is in peak condition when it's needed. It is completely safe to use and waterproof. It will charge batteries at a constant rate of 3.8 Amps per hour unlike conventional linear chargers which may be rated at 10 Amps or more but which can rapidly drop down to as little as 1 Amp. Racing Green TVR can fit the CTEK into the boot and hardwire this into your TVR allowing you to simply plug the unit into the mains to ensure the battery is kept fully charged for when you want to use your car. This is the larger capacity 3.8 amp CTEK MXS 3.8 charger as the earlier 3600 version is no longer available. This charger also carries a 5 year warranty

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TVR XS 3600 - Battery charger auto CTEK
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