Why buy from us?

We are dedicated to providing the best quality and largest range of parts for TVR cars as well as to ongoing product development, but we were unfortunately unable to agree the terms of a new licence with TVR. This means that as of December 2020 there are a couple of changes - we will no longer be able to label the parts as "Genuine" and our company name has changed to Racing Green Parts. Everything else will stay the same and we will continue to supply and increase our stock of authentic TVR car parts. With over 15 years of experience working with TVRs, firstly as dealers and, since 2014, as the licensed supplier of parts, we remain dedicated to serving TVR owners. With over 250,000 parts already in stock we can confidently claim to offer the best service available in helping you keep your cars on the road!

The TVR Archives
The stock of original parts comprises a mix of what was left in the stores after the Blackpool factory closed, together with stock from OEMs that originally supplied products for the old cars. Where such parts no longer exist, we have accessed the TVR archives and extensive library of technical drawings to facilitate the remanufacture of replacement parts guaranteed to match, or exceed, the performance defined by the original specifications. We recommend you only fit parts from ourselves or another reputable supplier to maintain the authenticity of your sportscar and to ensure you are using the best quality products available.